Annapolis Show

Posted On September 30, 2009

Filed under Craft Shows, Seabliss, Travel

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Last weekend we went to a craft show at Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis, MD. The show started out pretty slow (probably due to the weather), but picked up as the day went on. The volunteer venders were really nice and kept coming around to see if we needed to take breaks during the day. I was talking to one volunteer and found out that she is a weaver and I just got my mom’s old loom. I haven’t set it up yet but the woman gave me a great beginner book and was very helpful!

Seabliss Display

Seabliss Display

Shell Mirror

Shell Mirror



I finally realized that the color swap button on my camera has been pushed for a while and that’s why all of the stuff looks pink that I’ve been photographing lately. It’s not supposed to be pink, even though I think it looks pretty cute!

The highlight of the show was meeting Elise Miller, a spinner and fiber artist based out of Bowie, MD. Not only are her designs beautiful, but she helped me a lot in figuring out what type of wheel I want and she even helped me spin my own little ball! I’ll take some pics of the little baby ball and post them soon!


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